Managing costs is a priority for all businesses in current economic times.To this end, we have, using years of experience developed Best Practice methodology to control chemical in solution to optimize the efficacy of the chemical application. Our dedicated technical sales personnel passionately develop tools that integrate with our clients' systems to monitor closely in-use costs and establish controls that ensure budgets are met and quality is assured.
All of this is supported by a supply chain team that constantly monitors all aspects that influence our ability to maintain competitive market related pricing for the Shield Speciality Chemical Product Range. Sourcing and buying raw commodities demands a constant forward view to keep input costs at levels which maintain margins, we constantly engage with our clients at all levels to develop, share and structure saving opportunities for sustainable long term mutual benefit. 


The Sentratek IMPEX Division was formed to support our Client’s need to move chemical products and equipment around Sub Saharan Africa in a timely and economical manner. The products and systems that are moved for Sentratek by this division are aimed primarily at cost optimization for the end client and as importantly the improvement in safety during the shipment and handling of hazardous chemicals. IMPEX 's main functions are the sourcing, importing and exporting of chemical products and various equipment components on behalf of the Sentratek divisions and their clients in Africa.

Through close co-operation with their freight forwarding and logistics partners, we take care of the complex chemical product export and logistics procedures from South Africa into countries in Sub Saharan Africa. IMPEX provides a vital logistics service to Sentratek clients across Africa who are wanting to source spares and equipment that are not readily available in the countries in which they are operating. IMPEX will source the items (or fabrication thereof) and calculate the quickest and most economical route to the customer directly from the supplier or manufacturer. Our knowledge and understanding of the import and export requirements for each country allows us to provide an efficient and economical service to Sentratek and its Africa-based clients. 


The development of the Shield Range of technologies was undertaken by a team of technology specialists who are available to offer advice, conclude designs or forward Standard procedures for various process cleaning requirements in various industries.

Our support team consists of specialists in various industries which offers our clients confident and cost effective options when choosing their chemical products and equipment supplier.

Don Mackay Shield Range Technical Support All Industries
Geoff Bayman  Shield Range Brand and Development 
Grant Whitaker  Shield Operations SSA, Oddyssey RO, UF, MF and Effluent Systems, SME Projects 
Peter Newton  Brewing Process Management, Raw Materials and Water Treatment Systems 
Ali Maynard Dairy and Brewing
John Raffan Shield Industrial Chemical Range, Caustic Raw Materials
Stijn Willems Shield Institutional Ranges

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At Sentratek we offer our customers access to accredited Laboratories for Chemical, Soil and Microbiological Analysis: Sentratek Research and Development Laboratory; Water Analysis; Pathogen Identification; Micro Analysis; Chemical Analysis; New Product Development; Enhanced Imagery and Soil Identification; FEA Testing and Reporting; VWS Envig Laboratory; South Africa Water and Wastewater Analysis; Survey Studies on Water and Wastewater Qualities; Analysis of Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resins; Pilot and Bench Scale Testing of Water and Wastewater Processes.


Sentratek has a dedicated in-house range of dosing and control equipment engineered in our factory in Port Elizabeth, the range is priced to ensure economic benefits are enjoyed as well as allowing for an optimised in-use cost.


Sentratek understand the importance of training when it comes to the achievement of the required hygiene standards in a food and beverage production environment. While we are not a dedicated training company, we offer our clients as part of our service and partnering programme, the following training courses.

Safe Handling of chemicals (The Principles of chemical cleaning)
® Slat Band Conveyor Lubrication. Maintenance and Repairs
® Bottle and Crate Washer Maintenance and Service Programs
® Foam Cleaning System Dynamics and Effective Use Techniques
® Effective Micro Biology for Food Processors and Beverage Production Staff
® Food and Beverage Chemistry for Senior Management

Best Hygiene Practices in Various Food and Beverage Applications



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