We have in-house accredited Skills Facilitators and training officers who offer a vast amount of technical knowledge. up to date material and on site experience in their chosen fields..

The Shield Academy was formed during 2005 by likeminded Professionals and is designed to up skill and qualify our Groups diverse skills set. Training can be fun when the trainer has the correct aptitude and delivery style and we can assure our clients that our course content is fresh and incorporates the latest tech training methods with actual site field images and examinations.

As a organization our Group along with its technology partners are striving to transfer technology and skills by means of aggressive training programs offering Comprehensive Technical and Process management Training programs for our clients at a nominal cost with courses available covering.
During 2009, due to client demand, some of our training material has been made available to clients in specific Modules as illustrated below.

Our 2012/13 Sylabus consists of the following modules.

® Slat Band Conveyor lubrication. Maintenance and Repairs
® Bottle and Crate Washer Maintenance and Service Programs
® Foam Cleaning System Dynamics and Effective Use Techniques
® Yeast nutrients and Fermentation Aids and Usage
® Chemical Classification and Practical Advancement of Site Health and safety
® Safe Raw Materials Handling and Dilution practices
® Potable Water Treatment and Process Water plant operations.
® Steam Generation of Carbon Filters
® Carbon Filter Operation and Maintenance
® Waste water treatment & operations
® Process Water treatment Systems management and operations
® Effective Micro biology for food processors and Beverage Production Staff
® Food and Beverage Chemistry for Senior Management
® Advanced detergent and degreaser Chemistry
® Advanced Disinfectant formulation and application.
® Process management Systems and Theory
® Rinse Additive Chemistry and Effective Mechanical Control Systems.

Shield Academy Courses are available in:

  • South Africa
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Angola
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • Nigeria
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania

Course Content available in:

  • English
  • Portuguese

Please contact us for more information and costs.